1 – Be nice
Constantly insulting other players will be punished.

2 – No Griefing / Doorcamping
Don’t camp in front of other bases and don’t kill the same player over and over on purpose.
If a raider claims your base and makes it unaccessible for you, it is NOT griefing.

3 – Group Limit: 3
If you get caught teaming with more than 2 other players, everyone on that team will get kicked or banned.

4 – No Cheating
Exploiting bugs is considered as cheating and will result in a permanent ban.
This includes f.e.: building inside rocks or killing NPCs with entities.

5 – Unspoken rules
Only because something isn’t mentioned here it doesn’t mean it’s allowed.
Putting for example sexual or offensive content on signs can also result in a ban.